Thursday, March 26, 2009

Faerie Godmother?

From Vera Wang's 2009 Spring collection. I'm having a hard time envisioning this dress in use as a bridesmaid dress, but I like it! If Arwen Evenstar was going to get married then her bridesmaids would wear this dress (yes, I am a secretly an LOTR nerd).

Here's why I like this dress: It flows from layer to layer without looking like it is trying to imitate a 4 layer cake. Three different colors play together without competing, and without looking garish. The back is fairly traditional looking and may lead one to believe that a tight sweetheart neckline is hiding in the front, but instead, I am pleasantly surprised to see a neckline that is visually appealing, while remaining simple and unobtrusive.

Because let's face it - as a bride, you want your bridesmaid to look good - but not as good as you. Banish the plunging necklines, cocktail length dresses and any other cuts that might make your maid of honor the center of attention!

If all else fails, dress them up like they are going to a Renaissance fair.

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